Julie DeRoche Masterclass

(December 1998)
DePaul University School of Music
McCracken Middle School Symphonic Band Clarinet Section

  • Posture
    • Allows you to breath properly
    • Allows you to think better and concentrate more
    • Shoulders relaxed
    • Back straight
  • Hand Position
    • Hands should be in a V shape as if looking through a telescope
  • Embouchure
    • Tongue in "Shhhhh" position
    • Form embouchure around face
    • Teeth line up (top and bottom)
    • Open mouth as wide as one finger
    • Pressure point is where reed rests on lip, where lip meets the skin
    • Keep chin flat
    • Round corners
    • Top lip tight against teeth
    • Seal from top down
  • Tonguing
    • Stop the reed, not the air.