Ten Things that will have a Remarkable Impact on Your Success

Chip De Stefano

  1. Set ridiculously high standards for yourself. Continue learning, always strive to improve as a musician. Remember that students are a reflection of their teacher. They will only work as hard as you are working and they will only practice as much as you are preparing and practicing yourself.
  2. Find band programs to model yours after
  3. In the fall, program for your weaknesses. In the spring, program for your strengths.
  4. Set goals for yourself. Have the kids set goals for themselves.
  5. Bring your principal and superintendent to the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic and IMEA All-State Conference. Let them see what the finest schools in the country are doing. They also need to see why these conferences are so important to your professional development so that there aren't any issues when you ask for the conference release day.
  6. Start a private lesson program
  7. Invite the best musicians/conductors you know to work with your students.
  8. Keep kids active in area honor bands.
  9. Begin a CD recording project when the bands reach an acceptable performance level.
  10. Set high standards for the quality and difficulty of the music you perform.