Recommended Repertoire

My tastes in band music for the middle school level tend to be quite narrow. The works listed in these recommendations have all been rehearsed and performed by the McCracken Middle School Bands.

Highlighted works are those that I consider to be the "core" of the young band repertoire. While the others may or may not have the same degree of musical depth, they are all pieces that I have enjoyed preparing and performing with my students.

Want to ensure quality programing for your students? Only select music in which the musical difficulty meets or exceeds the technical difficulty.

King's Feast, The Ken Singleton 1+ Grand Mesa Music
Wild Dance Akey, Doug 4 Grand Mesa
Farnaby Prelude, A Akey, Douglas 3 Daehn Publications
Cascade River Overture Akey, Douglas 3 Queenwood/Kjos
Peregrin (A Traveler's Tale) Akey, Douglas 3- Queenwood/Kjos
Spirit! Akey, Douglas 3 Queenwood/Kjos
Tales of the Emerald Isle Akey, Douglas 3 Hal Leonard Corporation
Canarios Fantasia Akey, Douglas 4 Alfred Publishing Company
Pirates Akey, Douglas 3+ Queenwood/Kjos
Introduction and Rondo Akey, Douglas 3 Queenwood/Kjos
Tallis Prelude, A Akey, Douglas 3- Queenwood/Kjos
Joy Fantastique Akey, Douglas 3 manuscript
When the Stars Began to Fall Allen, Fred 2+ TRN
Whip and Spur Allen, Thomas Ray Cramer 4 TRN Music, Inc.
Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie Arbeau, Thoinot Bob Margolis 2- Manhattan Beach Music
Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo Arnold, Malcolm John P. Paynter 4 Carl Fischer, Inc.
Prelude and Fugue in Bb Bach, J. S. Roland Moehlmann 3 Warner Brothers Pub.
Prelude and Fugue in D minor Bach, J. S. Roland Moehlmann 3 Alfred Publishing Co.
Chorale and Fugue Bach, J. S. Larry Daehn 3 Daehn Publications
Pirates of the Caribbean (Soundtrack Highlights) Badelt, Klaus Ted Ricketts 3 Hal Leonard Corporation
Majestica Balmages, Brian 1+ FJH
Midnight Sky Balmages, Brian 1 FJH
Midnight Mission Balmages, Brian 1 FJH
Summer Dances Balmages, Brian 4 FJH
Starsplitter Fanfare Balmages, Brian 1 FJH
Yorkshire Ballad Barnes, James 2+ Southern Music Company
Melodious Thunk Biedenbender, David 3 Bent Space Music
Sailor's Odyssey, A Bobrowitz, David 2+ Grand Mesa Music
Symphony No. 4 Boysen, Andrew 3 Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Tricycle Boysen, Andrew 3 Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Unraveling Boysen, Andrew 3 Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Havener Fanfare Boysen, Andrew 3 Kjos
Peace Song Broege, Timothy 3 Bourne Company
Sinfonia XIX Broege, Timothy 3 Boosey and Hawkes
Machine Awakes, The Bryant, Steven 2 Steve Bryant
Dinosaurs Bukvich, Daniel 2+ Phoebus Publications
Ancient Dialogue Burns, Patrick 3- Daehn Publications
Praeludium Buxtehude, Dietrich Chip De Stefano 4
Ciacona in C minor Buxtehude, Dietrich Chip De Stefano 4 manuscript
Wolsey's Wilde Byrd, William Doug Hartzell 2 Grand Mesa Music
Overture for Winds Carter, Charles 3 Bourne Company
Variations on a Korean Folk Song Chance, John Barnes 4 Boosey and Hawkes
Royal Procession Collins-Dowden, Michael 1 manuscript
Passacaglia Collins-Dowden, Michael 1+ manuscript
A Copland Tribute Copland, Aaron Clare Grundmann 4 Boosey and Hawkes
The Promise of Living Copland, Aaron James Curnow 4 Boosey and Hawkes
Sarabanda and Gavotta Corelli, Arcangelo Johnson 2+ Rubank, Inc.
Andante and Allegro Corelli, Arcangelo Phillip Gordon 2- Alfred Publishing Company
Song for the Winter Moon Cummings, Walter 1 Grand Mesa Music
Song for Friends, A Daehn, Larry 1 Daehn Publications
Nottingham Castle Daehn, Larry 1 Daehn Publications
British Isles Suite Daehn, Larry 2 Daehn Publications
Alligator Alley Daugherty, Michael 4- Bandquest
Two British Folk Songs Del Borgo, Elliot 2 Hal Leonard
Inglesina Delle Cese, Davide John Bourgeois 4 Wingert Jones
Touch of Baroque, A Feldstein, Sandy & O'Reilly, John 1 Alfred Publishing Co.
March Ahead Feldstein, Sandy & O'Reilly, John 1 Alfred Publishing Co.
Orange Bowl Fillmore, Henry 3 Carl Fischer, Inc.
Footlifter, The Fillmore, Henry 3 Carl Fischer
Men of Ohio Fillmore, Henry 3 Carl Fischer/
Korean Folk Rhapsody Folk Song James Curnow 2 Hal Leonard Corporation
King Across the Water, The Fraser, Bruce 3+ G&M Brand
Cafe 512 George, Ryan 3 Fornine Music
Second Prelude Gershwin, George John Krance 3+ New World Music Corp.
Renaissance Festival, A Gervaise, Claude Ken Singleton 3 Grand Mesa Music
Overture in Bb Giovaninni, Ceasar Wayne Robinson 4 RBC Publications
Chorale and Capriccio Giovannini, Ceasar Wayne Robinson 4 Dorabet Music
English Suite for Band Golemo, Michael 3 Daehn Publications
Parade of the Wooden Warriors Gorb, Adam 3+ G & M Brand
Themes from Green Bushes Grainger, Percy Larry Daehn 4 Daehn Publications
British Waterside Grainger, Percy John Moss 2+ G. Schirmer, Inc
Shepherd's Hey Grainger, Percy Chip De Stefano 1 FJH
Spoon River Grainger, Percy Aldridge Glenn Cliffe Bainum 4 G. Schirmer, Inc
Fantasy on American Sailing Songs Grundman, Clare 4 Boosey & Hawkes
Kentucky 1800 Grundman, Clare 2 Boosey & Hawkes
Irish Rhapsody, An Grundman, Clare 3+ Boosey and Hawkes
American Folk Rhapsody #3 Grundman, Clare 3 Boosey and Hawkes
Little Suite for Band Grundman, Clare 2 Boosey and Hawkes
Albanian Dance Hanson, Shelley 4 Boosey and Hawkes
Ascend Hazo, Sam 3 Hal Leonard Corporation
Psalm 42 Hazo, Samuel 2 Boosey and Hawkes
Our Kingsland Spring Hazo, Samuel 2 Hal Leonard
Novo Lenio Hazo, Samuel 3 Wingert-Jones
As Winds Dance Hazo, Samuel 2 Boosey and Hawkes
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss Holsinger, David 3 TRN Music
Shaker Hymn, A John O'Reilly 1 Alfred
Star Spangled Banner Key, Francis Scott John Kinyon 2 Luverne Publications
Circus Days King, Karl Loras Schissel 3 C. L. Barnhouse
Rough Riders King, Karl James Swearington 3 Alfred Publishing Company
Prestissimo King, Karl 3- C. L. Barnhouse
Torch of Liberty King, Karl James Swearingen 3 C. L. Barnhouse
Hosts of Freedom King, Karl John P. Paynter 3 C. L. Barnhouse
Peacemaker King, Karl James Swearingen 3 C. L. Barnhouse
Iowa Band Law King, Karl 3 Barnhouse
Prospect La Plante, Pierre 2+ Bourne Company
American Riversongs La Plante, Pierre 3 Daehn Publications
Voyaguers, The LaPlante, Pierre 3 Daehn Publications
Sea Shanty Variations Loest, Timothy 1 FJH
Chorale and Mystic Chant Loest, Timothy 1 FJH
Teleportation Loest, Timothy 1 FJH
Undertow Mackey, John 3+ Ostimusic
Foundry Mackey, John 3 Ostimusic
Fantasy on a Bell Carol Madden, Edward 4 Carl Fischer, Inc.
Fanfare, Ode, and Festival Margolis, Bob 2+ Manhattan Beach Music
The Cave You Fear Markowski, Michael 2 Markowski Creative
Stony Creek March McGinty, Anne 1 Queenwood/Kjos
African Folk Trilogy McGinty, Anne 1 Queenwood/Kjos
Japanese Pictures Mixon, Kevin 2 Carl Fischer
Alleluia Mozart, W. A. John O'Reilly 1+ Alfred Publishing Company
Suite from Bohemia Nelhybel, Vaclav 2 E. C. Kerby
Glengary Hills Nelson, David 3 Lorenz Corporation
Courtly Airs and Dances Nelson, Ron 3+ Ludwig Music Company
Primal O'Loughlin, Sean 2 Carl Fischer
Onafade Noslo Owens, Don 3 manuscript
Pageant Persichetti, Vincent 4 Carl Fischer, Inc.
Music for Queen Mary Purcell, Henry Robert Garofalo 2 Grand Mesa Music
Sesame Street Theme Raposo, Joe Paul Murtha 2 Hal Leonard Corporation
Slavonic Folk Suite Reed, Alfred 3 Hal Leonard Corporation
"Mass" from La Fiesta Mexicana Reed, H. Owen 3+ Alfred
Brazillian Folk Dance Suite Rhoads, William 3 Kjos Publications
Jester Dance Rogers, Mekel 1 FJH
Polly Oliver Root, Thomas 3- Neil A. Kjos Music Co.
Garlandstone Root, Thomas 2+ Alfred Publishing Company
Flash in the Pan! Saucedo, Richard 2 Hal Leonard
Music from Les Miserables Schoenberg Johnnie Vinson 3 Hal Leonard Corporation
Music from Wicked Schwartz, Stephen Michael Sweeney 3- Hal Leonard
Longford Legend, A Sheldon, Robert 4 Alfred Publishing Co.
Coldwater Creek Sheldon, Robert 1 C. L. Barnhouse
Lydian Lullaby Sheldon, Robert 1 Alfred Publishing Co.
West Highlands Sojourn Sheldon, Robert 3 Alfred
Emperata Overture Smith, Claude T. 4 Wingert-Jones
Concert Variations Smith, Claude T. 4 Wingert-Jones Publications
Pride of the Wolverines Sousa, John Phillip Fredreick Fennell 4 Warner Brothers Pub.
Thunderer, The Sousa, John Phillip 3
Ere the World Began to Be Stamp, Jack 2+ Daehn Publications
Three Ayres from Gloucester Stuart, Hugh 3 Shawnee Press
Renaissance Revel, A Susato, Teilman Ken Singleton 2+ Grand Mesa Music
Battle Pavane, The Susato, Tielman Bob Margolis 2 Manhattan Beach Music
Baywood Overture Swearington, James 1+ C. L. Barnhouse
Ancient Voices Sweeney, Michael 2 Hal Leonard Corporation
Celtic Air and Dance Sweeney, Michael 2 Hal Leonard
Equinox Sweeney, Michael 2 Hal Leonard
Celtic Air and Dance No. 2 Sweeney, Michael 2 Hal Leonard
Amazing Grace Ticheli, Frank 4 Manhattan Beach Music
Cajun Folk Songs Ticheli, Frank 3+ Manhattan Beach Music
Portrait of a Clown Ticheli, Frank 2 Manhattan Beach Music
Shenandoah Ticheli, Frank 3+ Manhattan Beach Music
Simple Gifts Ticheli, Frank 3+ Manhattan Beach Music
Fortress Ticheli, Frank 4 Manhattan Beach Music
Abracadabra Ticheli, Frank 3 Manhattan Beach
This Old Man Traditioinal Peter Reynolds 2 Luverne Publications
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Traditional Frank Erickson 3 Carl Fischer?
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon Traditional Michael Sweeney 1 Hal Leonard
African Festival Traditional Bruce Pearson 2 Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Salvation is Created Tschesnokoff, Pavel Bruce Houseknecht 3+ Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Suite on Greek Love Songs van Lijnschooten, Henk 4 Molenaar Editions
English Folk Song Suite Vaughan Williams, Ralph 4 Boosey & Hawkes
Flourish for Wind Band Vaughan-Williams, Ralph 3 Boosey and Hawkes
Fa Una Canzona Vecchi, Orazio Larry Daehn 2+ Daehn Publications
Ancient City of Stone Vogel, Kirk 1+ Grand Mesa Music
Polka from Schwanda the Bagpiper Weinberger, Jaromir Glenn C. Bainum 4 Associated Music Publishers
Sunrise Will, Andrew 1 Willscore Publications
Variation Overture Williams, Clifton 3- Ludwig Music Company
Symphonic Dance #3 - "Fiesta" Williams, Clifton 4 Alfred Publishing Company
Olympic Fanfare and Theme Williams, John James Curnow 3+ Hal Leonard Corporation
Cascade Festival Overture Williams, Mark 2 Alfred Publishing Company
Rainbow Connection, The Williams, Paul John Moss 2 Hal Leonard Corporation
Chorale and Shaker Dance Zdecklik, John 4 Carl Fischer, Inc.

Other Repertoire Resources

Standard Repertoire for Young Band by Douglas Akey
This list, without a doubt, is the best young band repertoire list out there. I lived off this list my first two years teaching and still refer to it frequently. The Arizona Band and Orcherstra Directors Association has posted it on their website.

Best Music for Young Band by Thomas Dvorak
A selective guide to young band repertoire published by Manhattan Beach Music. Each entry includes a description including the technical and musical considerations of the work.

Best Music for Beginning Band by Thomas Dvorak and Richard Floyd
A selective guide to beginning band repertoire published by Manhattan Beach Music. Each entry includes a description including the technical and musical considerations of the work.

National Band Association Recommended Literature List
Make sure that you join the National Band Association. This organization does a tremendous amount each year to advance the cause of music and bands in this country. You get a subscription to the Instrumentalist, the fantastic NBA Journal, and this repertoire list.