Commission Project

Believing in the importance of supporting the creation of quality young band literature, the McCracken Bands have founded a commissioning project that has yielded seven new young band works:


Douglas Akey
Queenwood/Kjos Listen

Dedicated to McCracken’s former Director of Bands, Donald Stahlberg, in appreciation for his 33 years of teaching at McCracken Middle School. Premiered on March 14, 1998.

Aurora Borealis

David Zabriskie

Written for the Symphonic Band by composer and band parent David Zabriskie. Premiered on May 21, 1998.

Tales of the Emerald Isle

Douglas Akey
Hal Leonard Corporation Listen

Commissioned by the Skokie School District 73 1/2 Foundation and dedicated to the students of the Symphonic Band. Premiered on March 15, 2002 with the composer conducting.

Entry of the Nobles

Douglas Akey
Hal Leonard Corporation Listen

Commissioned for the Middleton Elementary School 5th Grade Band. Premiered on January 31, 2003 at the Illinois Music Education Association All-State Conference.

Symphony No. 4 for Winds and Percussion

Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Neil A. Kjos Music Company Listen

Premiered on January 30, 2004 at the Illinois Music Educators Association All-State Conference with the composer conducting. The fourth movement was also performed as the finale to the Symphonic Band’s performance at the 2006 Midwest Clinic.

Onafade Noslo for Tenor Saxophone and Concert Band

Don Owens

Written for the McCracken Middle School Symphonic Band and Matthew Olson (Furman University). Premiered on January 21, 2005 at the Michigan Music Education In-Service Conference with the composer conducting.

Joy Fantastique

Douglas Akey
Grand Mesa Music (in production)

Commissioned as the opening fanfare for the Symphonic Band's performance at the 2006 "60th Anniversary" Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference. Premiered December 22, 2006.


John Mackey

Foundry was commissioned by a consortium of eight middle school and high school bands over the summer of 2010. Members of the commissioning consortium were Worthington Kilbourne High School (Don Nathan), McCracken Middle School (Chip De Stefano), Piedmont High School (Andrew Anderson), Willow Wood Junior High School (James Shaw), Memorial High School (Heath Miller), Langley High School (Andrew Gekoskie), William Mason High School (Robert Bass), and Conner Middle School (James Daughters).